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This island, a favourite with the British since the early nineteenth century, is much-loved throughout the world. The first clashes between Admiral Horatio Nelson and a young artillery officer called Napoleon took place in these seas, long before the battle at Trafalgar. Since the first settlers came in the 1600s, La Maddalena, over the course of its history, have been subject first to Genoese and later Savoy influences. As a strategic location for the Royal Sardinian Navy, it became an important crossing point in the Mediterranean that deserved the renown of "Little Paris", “ Piccola Parigi”. which brings us to Giuseppe Garibaldi who, after his exploits all around the world, chose the island of Caprera as a buen retiro. Here, he spent 26 years establishing a state-of-the-art farm and building his well-known "white house", which forms part of the Garibaldi Museum itinerary. You will discover many tales, casa bianca mysteries and pieces of history   to intrigue you during your stay on our shores.  The delightful inlets and coves found along the 180 km of coastline have earned this archipelago a reputation among the tour operators of Northern Europe, for being the "Caribbean of the Med". The long, open stretches of coastline will give you a feeling of an immense area just waiting for you to explore it. 


You are in La Maddalena, in the heart of the Mediterranean, among a cluster of the islands and islets that make up the Archipelago. We are here to offer you anything you might need to really get the best out of your stay here. We'll tell you all you need to know about the area and can give you suggestions for your stay, based on your interests. What travel idea brought you to this part of the Mediterranean?          Maybe you'd prefer a trip to one of the nearby islands? Or are you more interested in themed routes, walking or hiking?  What about historic or geo-naturalistic sites, or maybe a panoramic route to explore one of the beaches off the beaten track?  Then there are water sports: a canoe trip around the island, for example? Last but not least, you can enrich your travel experience by visiting our historic landmarks. Have a think about what you'd prefer, and we'll help you put together the perfect travel experience for you in La Maddalena and in magical Sardinia.